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Bespoke Tales: Re-Invented Wedding Rings - A Symbol Of Their Love

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Re-invented Wedding Rings

Two lovely friends went to renew their vows in Paris after 25 years of marriage.

 Bespoke wedding rings for 25th wedding anniversary made in London

Symbols Of Their Love

They decided to redesign their wedding rings to include symbols pertinent to their lives using a heart shaped ruby & diamonds from their original rings & family heirlooms. The 18ct yellow & white gold rings incorporate dolphin tails & Sophie’s signature wings, elements of the sea, and diamonds as stars in the night sky. A tiny symbol of infinity punctuates the symbolic connection of land, sea & sky.

 Bespoke wedding ring design sketches by Sophie Harley London.

Renewing Their Vows

The rings were exchanged during an intimate family celebration on the Pont des Arts. This Parisian bridge was famous for the “love locks”, which were padlocked onto the structure as a symbol of eternal love by lovers from all over the world. "They are works of art Sophie which will endure and be passed on to our children one day. Designed, crafted and worn as a precious symbol of our love....."

Bespoke wedding rings to celebrate 25th wedding anniversary by Sophie Harley.

Bespoke wedding rings designed by Sophie Harley London.

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